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7-in-1 LED Facial Rejuvenating Wand

7-in-1 LED Facial Rejuvenating Wand

  • Increases Collagen
  • Reduces Wrinkles
  • Natural Ingredients

Get Flawless, Youthful Skin For A Fraction Of The Price

Our 7-in-1 Facial Rejuvenation Device is an LED facial microcurrent massager, that uses various light therapy settings to provide a simple solution to lift, firm & tighten your skin all from the comfort of your home!


Treat ALL Of Your Skin Issues With ONE Device

Simplify your skincare routine with this magic device that provides all the following benefits, and more:

  • Sculpts, Tightens, + Lifts Skin
  • Reduce Wrinkles + Fine Lines
  • Shrinks Pores + Fights Acne
  • Deflates Puffy + Dark Eyes
  • Treats Scars + Imperfections
  • Enhances Product Absorption
  • Painless, Non-Invasive, + Non-Toxic 

How It Works

Our 7 in 1 Device Uses LED Light Therapy, EMS Micro Currents & Advanced Radio Frequency to Guarantee Results!

  • Blue Light - Helps Reduce & Prevent Both Acne & Black Heads.
  • Red Light - Deeply Penetrates The Skin Promoting Collagen Production To Help With Wrinkles & Dark Spots.
  • Color Light - Text
  • Color Light - Text

Micro Current Technology

The device uses an advanced vibration technology known as EMS Micro Current. These ultrasonic vibrations stimulate damaged and dying skin cells, essentially reviving them!

The increased collagen levels allows your cells to restore previously damaged skin tissues and fibres, improving elasticity and ultimately tightening your skin.


Going to the spa can become an expensive and time-consuming chore. The average spa session costs anywhere from $75-$300 per session, and requires several visits.

Thankfully our 7-in-1 LED Wand is an affordable one-time purchase that is guaranteed to last a lifetime!


Compact & Portable Design

The sleek ergonomic design allows you to bring it anywhere you go, whether it's on vacation or just to the office!

Universal USB Charging

The long-lasting lithium ion battery can be charged anywhere by using the included USB Charger, allowing you to be rejuvenated at all times!


What's Included

  • 7-in-1 LED Rejuvenating Wand
  • USB Universal Charging Cable
  • Box With Detailed Instructions
  • Lifetime Warranty Guaranteed


UPDATE: We are currently running low on stock. If you don't want to miss out order yours today, please check back next month if it's sold out!



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Here is a before and after. I have to say I am truly impressed at how well this balm actually works. I have seen this product more than once, I figured I would try it out. I am so glad I did!



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100% Natural Ingedients

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